Praise for We the (LITTLE) People

The artwork in "We the (Little) People" holds a lot of energy, and a lot of disparate elements bound together. Images teeter between cartoonish humor and melancholy, and include puns and clever plays on words that convey spiritually uplifting messages and calls to action. --Adeshina Emmanuel, DNAinfo


“We the little people have got to get our act together,” says artist ISz. His book of art titled, We the Little People, focuses on this message.

Art has not only the ability to tell the artist’s story but combine it with that of the viewers’. We look upon these pieces and contribute our own thoughts and ideas. Throughout history, art’s been used to teach and prompt new ways of thinking.

 This book contains 50 black and white pencil drawings that accomplish this goal in many ways. We the Little People is not a book you’ll quickly flip through. It’s a fascinating coffee table book that will prompt discussion. It contains the type of art that is thought-provoking and spiritually moving. You will want to study, ponder, and think about each piece.

 Each drawing shows dozens of stick people changing the world. One of my favorites is “Help Fill the Void” where the little people fill in a whole in a heart. Another, “Time 4 Peace” has a globe etched on a pocket watch and people working together to move the hands of the clock. And in another, people work together on a circular ladder of success. The last group of artwork is abstract. The style projects the messages in a different way than the main section of the book.

ISz says that a lack of oneness in a global society is the driving force behind his work. The tiny little people in his art have power and significance. It signifies the efforts of everyone needed to make a difference in this world." -- Mary Doyle, Doyle's Delights