Praise for The Unpublished Poet

Marjorie Skelly’s book reminds us of why we read poetry: to find a clarifying vision of what it means to be alive. Whether her poems take us inside a jumbo jet cabin, the big sky country of Montana, a mother’s hospital room, or a French countryside, we delight in the journey, one that touches our soul as well as our mind.”

—Judith Valente, correspondent for PBS-TV and WGLT Radio; author of The Art of Pausing and Atchison Blue

The unpublished poet lives ever in our sister and brother published poets. All of us writers must realize we are apprentices if we are to sustain our spiritual growth. Marjorie Skelly’s collection of essays, stories, and poems testifies that we are most alive when our pen moves forward, leaving  shadow tracks on light paper.”

—Norbert Krapf, former Indiana Poet Laureate, author of Catholic Boy Blues