Praise for The Silent Schism

Father De Thomasis and Sister Nienhaus, CSA say that today’s schism is not one of separation but a force for church unity and necessary for transformation. They insist that compared to other major schisms in our church history, this one is different in its dynamics and attributes. Current issues are related to liturgy, sexual morality, gender equality, social justice, and censoring of theologians and others who question what is considered established church doctrine. --Mary Doyle, Doyle's Delights


I have finished reading the insightful book, "The Silent Schism." I was pleasantly surprised at how much I agreed with the authors' viewpoints. I expected more controversy. Yet, there is plenty of controversy contained therein. It was the manner in how the authors worded their viewpoints that could be the turning point. They were direct, yet gentle and supportive.

As a conservative within my beloved Catholic Church, I did not feel threatened or condemned in any way. I agreed with almost everything that was written and will be able to hear further statements from the hierarchy with ears wide open.

I applaud the courage in naming what is happening in the Church and also in naming names. These offenders have hidden underneath the Pope's robes for much too long! Bring them into the light!

There will certainly be repercussions from those who will disagree with this book, and I pray for the Holy Spirit to guide the authors in their answers to them. I also pray this book will bear good fruit. --Amazon Review