Praise for Great Men of the Bible

Fr. Martin Pable’s latest book is a good read -- no matter whether you are going through it alone or with a group of guys.

My reading was solitary. But I found myself often wishing that I was reading it as part of a men’s group – especially when I got to the questions for reflection and discussion at the end of each chapter. They are fine for reflection. Still, I couldn’t help thinking how lively – and helpful – it would be to be discussing them with a group of reasonably mature, thoughtful and honest guys.

When you finish, you are bound to know much about some very key figures in the Bible. And perhaps more important, you will be able to relate their experiences long ago to your own life challenges today. -- Owen Phelps, PhD, Yeshua Leader


Father Pable is conversational, chatty. He gives us the feeling he is sitting around talking with us.  He is an engaging storyteller, illustrating the events that made these men memorable. And then he explains how we can apply their life questions and lessons to our own lives. -- Mary Doyle, Doyle's Delights


From the Capuchin Franciscans

From Doyle's Delights